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Assistantship Positions

Please note: Assistantship positions are intended to complement the student’s program of study and a rationale may be required from the hiring department if the two are not clearly connected. Also, positions listed below may have already been filled. It is the student's responsibility to verify availability with the hiring departments. Should a student wish to have the assistantship application materials on file in the Graduate School sent to a department outside of their academic program, they must submit the request form (

Western Illinois University endeavors to provide a safe environment for its employees and students and requires candidates to submit to a background investigation upon offer of employment. Employment is contingent upon compliance with University policies and procedures relating to the receipt and evaluation of information contained in the background investigation.

Organizational Finance Officer Graduate Assistant
Office of Student Activities, University Union - Full-time, 20 hours/week

Primary Function of Position:
Act as the internal auditor of all agency accounts under the jurisdiction of the Council on Student Activity Funds. Comes in daily contact with the officers and advisors of the student organizations in order to help, advise, and/or provide information concerning the operations of student activity funds. The O.F.O. reports to the Director of Finance for Auxiliary Facilities, the O.F.O. also sits on the Council of Student Activity Funds.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversees all financial paperwork for all agency accounts under CSAF (i.e., Direct Payment Authorizations, Requests for Purchase, Supplementals and Transfers)
  • Meets with and answers questions for all fiscal agents and advisors of student organizations under CSAF
  • Attend all CSAF meetings to provide information and answer questions as needed
  • Prepare agenda for the weekly Council on Student Activity Funds meetings in collaboration with CSAF chair
  • Prepares semi-annual budget reports and monthly budget updates to all fiscal officers
  • Conducts fiscal agent and organization treasurer workshops on budgeting
  • Audit 15% of funded student organization accounts on a yearly basis
  • Schedules all CSAF vehicles

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Attend weekly staff meeting
  • Maintain 20 office hours per week
  • Meet with the Director of Student Activities weekly
  • Other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor and/or the Director


  • Must be fully admitted to the MBA or Accountancy program by Summer 2019 session
  • Two year requirement
  • Must be available to start June 2019

Application Process:

Further information can be obtained by contacting Ketra Russell at Please submit resumes to Mary Kay Flesner in Seal Hall 133 by March 31, 2019

Graduate Student Employment Positions - Non-Assistantship

The below positions are employment opportunities for graduate students but are not assistantship positions. They do not come with a tuition waiver nor follow the eligibility requirements of assistantships.

None posted at this time.